Horario de verano

This explains why we got all jammed up in Uruguay.




Argentina does not have daylight savings time and Uruguay, since it is Spring here, springs forward rather than falling back. Oh, OK.

Actually, we were in Uruguay for 24 hours and didn’t realize our time was off until we were buying our bus tickets from one city (Colonia) to another (Montevideo) and we were an hour late.

Oh, that’s why everyone at our posada was confused when we wanted to have our cafe and medialunas after the posted desayunos time.

None of our travel books, Wiki sites, or references noted this difference and not a person mentioned it.  Well our ticket agent at the bus station showed us his computer with the right time on it when we tried to get on a 10:30 am bus at 11:30.  Good thing there wasn’t a plane to catch.

Uruguay’s got the right idea though.  The sunrises at 6:20 doesn’t set until about 8:45. Long, bright and sunny days.

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