It’s the end of our second night in Montevideo. Yesterday, upon arrival, we walked around for an hour or two before discovering our hotel’s rooftop pool. We had a nice dinner, more kids played drums in the street, but we were in bed early and ready for our first full day here. Here’s that pool on the roof:

This morning, after breakfast, we hit the streets opting for a morning stroll along the Rambla towards the Centro and the Cuidad Viejo.

One of our first stops in the Centro was the Plaza Independencia where some well dressed guardsman did some fine marching and serviceable music playing.

Next we headed into the old city with meat on our minds (Jon’s mind). At the port market there are meat stalls everywhere. Each one more willing than the next to sell you any cut you want pulled straight off the grill. The grills themselves are a crazy sight:

Kellie had a baked potato and a lot of chimichurri sauce. It was wasn’t bad, either. Stuffed to the gills, we walked back to the hotel through the city enjoying many green plazas and doing some serious people watching. For dinner, Kellie got her revenge at one of Montevideo’s only vegetarian restaurants, Namaste. This picture either reflects peace of mind or wine consumption:

It’s getting late so we’ll leave you with this, all schoolchildren in Uruguay (boys and girls) have to wear the following uniform and ride around in tiny little yellow school buses that say “Escolares” (it’s been killing us):

Tomorrow is our last day in town but the flight home doesn’t leave until 11:15 PM so expect more updates.

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