Evidently, Monday was some sort of holiday because the streets were pretty quiet.  Today, however many millions of people there are (10 or so), they were back.  In full force.  Walking the streets, riding motorbikes, talking on cell phones, working, going to school.  Welcome back, it wasn’t the same without you guys. For starters, we headed over to a swanky new area of the port complete with well-engineered bridges and super-tall condo buildings.

It was a clean and pleasant but we made quick work of it as we headed for the Ecological Preserve that sits along the river. The preserve is HUGE and it took us a good 30 minutes to hike to the edge of the Rio de la Plata.  In the process we saw lots of birds, a turtle, and an iguana.  Also, we got REALLY sunburned, mostly because the axis of the Earth is currently such that the Southern Hemisphere is titled fairly close to the sun.

It dawned on us during a post hike lunch that we needed to grease up these burns and hang out of the sun for a few hours this afternoon.  It was time well spent, we emerged red and rested around 7:00 and walked the streets for a few sunset-style hours before dinner.  And what did we run into?  Why a student/socialist worker’s party demonstration/rager in the main square complete with 6 bands and tons of trashed young folks.  They seemed to be a good natured bunch but we were too burned and old to rage along with them.

Instead we ate Japanese/Peruvian food at a swanky restaurant then went for a dulce de leche ice cream after dinner.  Being old can be fun, too!  Tomorrow, we’re off to Uruguay.  On a boat!

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  • Colleen

    Bummer about the sunburn but the rest sounds fabulous! Keep having a great time and Happy Thanksgiving! My tofurkey is stuffed and ready to cook, hehe.

    • http://goffbergs.wordpress.com goffbergs

      The sunburns are minor. We are totally loving all of it. Happy Thanksgiving to you, hope it was a great time!