Greetings from a bus in Uruguay! And Happy Thanksgiving!  We’re on our way to Montevideo from Colonia after arriving via boat yesterday.  First off, the boat!  It was enormous and fancy.  There was a giant cafeteria with a full bar and duty free shop even thought the passage from Buenos Aires was only an hour.

Second off, Colonia!  What a beautiful little fairy tale town.  During the day it was full of school kids so after climbing the lighthouse and having some lunch, we headed back to our Posada (tiny inn) and lounged the by the  pool.

Around about sunset time, we headed back out with the full intention of finding a bar on the water on which to enjoy that sunset.  And enjoy it we did.  We have the photographs to prove it.


Afterwards we wandered the gas lit streets in search of dinner only to find a group of young people rocking the streets with their candombes (a traditional Uruguayan drum).  It was a good find.  Everyone was in high spirits.  After a little more wandering we found dinner.  Jon ate a blood sausage that tasted like salty chocolate cake.  There were lots of large stray dogs at our feet.  It couldn’t have been better.

Update:  We arrived in  Montevideo a couple of hours ago.  Here’s what it looks like on the roof of our hotel.  Getting ready to head back up there.

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