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It was time to leave SF and we did it in style, obviously.  When we asked the hotel to call us a cab they suggested that we use their car service.  We were picked up in a Lincoln sedan, basically a limo.  Classy all the way!  The flight was unremarkable. We had just enough time to watch one episode of more

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Last day in San Fran

This morning we had a surprisingly pleasant breakfast at Farm:Table.

I had a coffee, Jon had a yogurt granola parfait. It is his standard. The sun shone brightly on us as we began the day. We then walked through one of the rougher neighborhoods, the Tenderloin. When it came time for me to pee there was the old reliable, the more

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Day 3 morning route

Less than 8 miles so far, kind of weak. Click here to learn more!

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What incredible luck!

We got up early and started heading north through Nob Hill and Russian Hill towards the Fisherman’s Wharf. On the way we walked down Lombard Street which is commonly referred to as the most crooked street in San Francisco. It is pretty crooked and beautiful and steep!

Fishwerman’s Wharf was cornier than corny with some of the grossest food I have more

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Day 2 – the route

16.6 miles. We haven’t gone out for dinner yet. Never mind the meandering. Click here if you want to see more detail. [googlemaps,+Sutter+Street,+San+Francisco,+CA&daddr=Hyde+Street,+San+Francisco,+CA+to:Lombard+St,+San+Francisco,+California+to:Taylor+Street,+San+Francisco,+CA+to:Fisherman’s+Wharf,+San+Francisco,+CA+to:PIER+39,+The+Embarcadero,+San+Francisco,+CA+to:Ft.+Mason,+San+Francisco,+CA+to:Bay+and+Gough+St.,+San+Francisco,+CA+to:Gough+and+Geary+St.,+San+Francisco,+CA+to:Grary+and+Stiener+St.,+San+Francisco,+CA+to:Steiner+St+%26+Haight+St,+San+Francisco,+California+94117+to:Golden+Gate+Park,+San+Francisco,+CA+to:Haight+and+Fillmore,+San+Francisco,+CA+to:Golden+Gate+Ave+%26+Fillmore+St,+San+Francisco,+California+94115+to:Golden+Gate+Ave+and+Larkin,+San+Francisco,+CA+to:Sutter+and+Larkin,+San+Francisco,+CA&geocode=FWeYQAId9Ay0-CHUV2KeJYblQw%3BFQiwQAId2Qy0-Cm3LUiH7ICFgDFYhleSlPks2g%3BFV_MQAIdwuyz-ClBLVWq3YCFgDGsssLdlwsvxA%3BFfS4QAIdyh60-Cn5osLZW3HGVDGgG70pFtyhMg%3BFVPoQAId2wi0-Cm54655-oCFgDFqkBT5i1vO0A%3BFSDwQAId9ym0-CHAk6U3rHN61A%3BFTXlQAIdE9yz-Ckx25Co2ICFgDE0LIaMePkzaw%3BFdDWQAIdD-Sz-CnF0cq_3oCFgDGwb0lU6OpDIw%3BFc2OQAIdrfKz-CnbmEobvoCFgDEAtyQA4aAjlQ%3BFQuLQAIdzcuz-CnzBJgyuICFgDHQKu-jEGfEig%3BFYNaQAIdmNWz-CmhoPaMpoCFgDFZKM5WHHDLyg%3BFVBPQAIdwQyz-CnjMipXcoeFgDHAC5zWYXaThw%3BFVJbQAIdDtyz-CkH9SnGpoCFgDGZtxXcrLXSaw%3BFWx4QAIdMNaz-CldRTUFu4CFgDGrwDHOtCKWVg%3BFcd_QAIdBhC0-CnrMHwTmoCFgDFxFrERwNY6Sg%3BFT6ZQAId3wq0-ClB4Wh1lICFgDG5d8zC4QK0vw&hl=en&mra=ls&dirflg=w&sll=37.789685,-122.4468&sspn=0.077325,0.154324&ie=UTF8&ll=37.789685,-122.4468&spn=0.04107,0.07362&output=embed&w=425&h=350]

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