Last day in San Fran

This morning we had a surprisingly pleasant breakfast at Farm:Table.

I had a coffee, Jon had a yogurt granola parfait. It is his standard. The sun shone brightly on us as we began the day. We then walked through one of the rougher neighborhoods, the Tenderloin. When it came time for me to pee there was the old reliable, the public library. We continued walking through town to the neighborhood the Castro. We strolled in and out of a few shops but resisted the urge to buy any new toys or vintage leather ware. There was plenty of sun soaking and people watching to be done in Harvey Milk Square, so we did that for a little while. 
From the Castro we walked North back to the Haight. There we grabbed some lunch at this little market which we ate in the Panhandle (a park) while watching hipsters in tight black jeans and woolen caps play basketball. It was pretty delightful. We did some shopping (including the obligatory stop at Amoeba Music). We took the long way home and then relaxed for at least 30 minutes.

After a short rest we walked back to the Mission. We wanted to see the Mission Delores, which we did, briefly, and then met up with my friend Carrie and her son, Floyd. We walked with them for a little bit and then went for a pre-dinner dinner of Middle Eastern delights at a little dive called Ali Babba. Carrie and Floyd left us and we walked around some more.  We sat for a few minutes in Delores Park. We were meeting friends for dinner but I wanted to get a drink or two before that so we stopped into one strange spot and left quickly, then went to Bissap Baobab a Senegalese restaurant/bar for Hibiscus drinks. It was a fun place, the drinks were good and I would totally go back there the next time we are in San Fran. After one drink there we walked down to Gracias Madre to meet Brigitte & Tommy plus Carrie again! We had a great time with everyone at this upbeat, vegan, organic Mexican spot. There was live singing, the food was fantastic and plentiful, and we couldn’t have asked for better company. Simply perfect. The thing that I admired most about the restaurant was that though it is vegan that fact was never mentioned on the menu. The focus was the food and the experience, the fact that the cheese was made from cashews and the tamales were filled with squash was just how the food was made. It wasn’t missing anything and they didn’t have to make excuses for what wasn’t there. Brigite and Tommy moved from NYC to San Francisco a few months ago so it was great to catch up with them and get their take on this city that Jon and I had become really fond of. The fact that Carrie came out twice in one day was clearly a special treat!

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  • Colleen

    just found this one in my SPAM box. Weird how all the rest came thru. Anyway, cracking up again! Gracias Madre is on my list of restaurants to eat at, woo hoo! I am all about the food. Glad you had a fun trip in SF and Seattle! We leave tomorrow night! It’s like vacation tag. 😀