It was time to leave SF and we did it in style, obviously.  When we asked the hotel to call us a cab they suggested that we use their car service.  We were picked up in a Lincoln sedan, basically a limo.  Classy all the way!  The flight was unremarkable. We had just enough time to watch one episode of Top Chef Masters.  We landed and Brian picked us up.  He took us home to drop off our stuff and meet baby Ruby.  She has a tiny mouth and big cheeks, beautiful.

As per usual, we went for Thai and coffee and we walked around while catching up with Brian.  We had some laughs at Archee McPheee. After Archee McPhee we went back to the Walton/Raphan residence and chilled with the Rubester. Melanie came home from work, so we got to spend a little bit of time with her until it was time to meet Laura & Ben Masters, with John Struble and Nat at Olympia Pizza. We ate a lot! Drank some Sazeracs and wine and shared some laughs, jokes and caught up with everyone. After Olympia we went a down the street to 22 Doors for some fireside drinks, more jokes and good times. We came home and passed out! Day one Seattle, you were great to us!

Day Two:
I woke up at the crack of dawn and joined Laura for some Crossfit! . It totally kicked my ass, I haven’t had a workout like that in years and I haven’t felt like suck a weakling since I first began derby in 2006. I am going to check it out when I get back to Philly because I need some new way to get my ass kicked regularly since I have retired from derby. Whew! After Crossfit I came home, showered up and we departed for vacation haircuts! John Struble had openings in his schedule so we made appointments. Melanie, Brian and Ruby hung out while we got coiffed.  It was honestly the best haircut experience I have ever had and the pictures will show for themselves how Jon’s experience was. Big changes!
From there, we left looking good and walked to Pikes Place Market for some snacks. The market is always a good time. We ate a bit and then sat in the park soaking in the sun and laughing at Ruby’s accessories. She is such a stylish baby, we had a great time. We walked back to the Raphan/Walton residence. On the way Jon and I stopped and got snacks for folks coming over. We got lots of snacks and some friends came over, the Master family and Eddie. We played the “state capital game”. Here is how you play the game: Jon names a state, you guess the capital. If you get the capital wrong you drink a shot of vodka. Fun! We snacked a lot and talked a lot and drank a little. The Masters left early because they were heading to Hawaii for vacation. I have to admit that I am a little jealous that they are starting their vacation just as our comes to a close. We stayed up late catching up, we are really lucky to have such great friends.

Day 3:
Jon and I slept in later than we have this whole vacation, 9:30 at least. After showers Jon had me style his hair like a little baby. It was sweet, his hair looks great today. Jon and I walked around and had kind of a gross brunch. The plan for the day is to go hang with Melanie and Rubenstien while watching Brian play a softball double header. Jon’s plan is to have Sushi so I assume we will do that! We depart tomorrow early morning.

We had sushi, chilled a lot, then watched Chopped.  Ruby sleeps like a burrito.  We are at the airport for our 8:40 am flight.  Thanks for the wonderful friends, perfect times, and great memories!  We are so lucky to have such an incredible crew!

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