What incredible luck!

We got up early and started heading north through Nob Hill and Russian Hill towards the Fisherman’s Wharf. On the way we walked down Lombard Street which is commonly referred to as the most crooked street in San Francisco. It is pretty crooked and beautiful and steep!

Fishwerman’s Wharf was cornier than corny with some of the grossest food I have ever seen. And I couldn’t find the Bushman. I know there is some good stuff to be found there, we didn’t really give it a chance. We chose to not go to Alcatraz though everyone told us it is worth it. Jon was really happy to hang out with some Sea Lions for a bit.

We continued along the bay towards the Presidio and got about as far as Ft. Mason when it began to rain, I had to pee, and I got hungry. We took a turn south up Gough Street towards Japantown.

The street was incredibly steep and felt like it would never end. The houses were fantastic Victorians, so the views made it worth it. The neighborhood that we walked through was Pacific Heights. Then we got to Japantown. We ate at a Korean Restaurant, Doobu. It was just right with lots of vegetarian options. After Japantown walked through Alamo Square towards the Haight.
These houses are pretty famous, and they deserved it. We continued until we got to Haight.  As soon as we arrived we knew something was up.  Finally, we started seeing the hippies we expected to be all over San Francisco.  They were all here.  They seemed to be even more than we expected.  Something was going on.  Then we realized that we were at Haight Ashbury on 4/20/2011 at approximately 4:20 pm. We followed the crowd to Golden Gate Park. OMG! Here is a what we saw:

We followed all of the laws and did not partake in any of it. We especially did not hula hoop nor did we hackey sack. It was a special place to be nonetheless. We wandered a bit more, went into a few stores, and walked back to our hotel just in time for happy hour. Wine in paper cups and a French Bulldog sitting on a lady’s lap in the lobby. I felt at home! We stayed at the hotel just for a bit then went to a really neat wine bar called the Hidden Vine which I recommend if you have any interest in drinking wine at all. They had a section of the menu where you can compare two similar wines. I got an old Cabernet vs a young Cabernet. Jon compared two similar white wines. Neither of us know anything about wine so it was fun. We had some cheese and chutney and then headed to Millennium. San Francisco’s Horizon’s. All vegan, super fancy deliciousness. We both got dessert. We were full, tired and happy.

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  • Colleen

    oh yes, I did not recommend Fisherman’s Wharf just for that reason, but after thinking back, there were a few gems near there. The first was http://www.museemecaniquesf.com/ which had the coolest old mechanical toys and things (not sure how to describe them), the second was Buena Vista Coffee for irish Coffee (I don’t even like Irish coffee and found it delicious!) and third, Ghiradelli Square’s ice cream with chocolate sauce (And I dont really like ice cream). :) btw, what is the Bushman? ok, I just looked him up and actually we DID see him! I had no idea he was famous, just thought he was some crazy guy, well, I guess he is. LOL I am totally cracking up! We got exhausted and I had to pee near the same exact spot you mention above near Fort Mason! LOL. That hill seemed to go on FOREVER! An even worse hill (which I think you mentioned in your first post) was the one in Chinatown that we went up after dinner and after poor Mo had just downed 2 pork buns! That is funny about 4/20. Glad you made it to Millennium. SO worth it! Enjoy!