Lasst uns nach Deutschland und Frankreich gehen

We depart for our next trip exactly one month from today!

Our itinerary:

Wednesday, 8/28 – Fly out of PHL direct to MUC.

Thursday, 8/29 – land around 10, spend the day in Munich.  Oh, it is Oktoberfest! Well, we will figure out what to do there, I suppose.

We are staying at the Hotelpension Locarno for the night.

Friday, 8/30 – we will spend the day in Munich and then travel by train to Nuremberg where we will meet up with Shane and family!  We will stay with them in their village, Vilseck, for two nights.

Saturday, 8/31 – hanging with Shane and family.  We are thinking about going on a day trip to Bamberg.

Sunday, 10/1 – We will depart by train in the morning for Köln where we will stay for two nights.  Jon wants to buy Cologne.  We are staying at the Hotel Cristall, in case you want to come hang.

Monday, 10/2 – We are still in Koln, hanging. If Jon has his way (and he usually does) we will be chillaxing at this jawn, here.

Tuesday, 10/3 – On our way to Luxembourg.  It is a three hour train ride from Cologne.  We aren’t really sure what happens there, but that’s part of the allure.  We are staying at the Hotel Italia.

Wednesday, 10/4 – We will take a 2 hour train ride from Luxembourg City to Paris where we will stay for the remainder of our trip.  We are renting a little studio apartment in Le Marais.

Sunday, 10/9 – we depart in the morning and have a direct flight from CDG to PHL.

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  • Colleen

    Nice! We are thinking of going Europe next year. Thinking Sweden, Germany, Amsterdam and Belgium. Can you please say hello to Andy and Frank Schleck for me when you are in Luxembourg! I will gladly accept any photos or autographs! 😉 Have a fabulous time! we are headed to Barbados soon. ever been there? If so, any recommendations?

  • goffbergs

    We went to Belgium a few years ago and I loved it so much! I had to look up the Schlecks, but now that I know who they are I will keep an eye out for them on your behalf.