Don’t call it Luxemberg

Up  before the sun this morning and on the train bound for the great mystery of Luxembourg.  Let us not gloss over the trip itself.  The route took us along the banks of the Rhine and Mosel Rivers. First class scenery all the way: fairy tale villages with vineyards running up the hillsides, castles, boats, fog, you name it.  A fine way to spend our last few hours in Germany.

So, Luxembourg.  How can we explain it?  It’s got a cute little old town with sidewalk cafes and shops but that’s not the crazy part.  The crazy part is this sheer cliff wall of fortifications that dates back to the year 900-something.  It literally divides the town into the High City and the Low City.  The Low City is at the base of this GIANT wall and looks up at this fortress with tunnels running though it and a bunch ruined turrets and stuff.  It’s crazy down at the bottom of that wall.  Nuts, we tell you.

Look at a picture that doesn’t do it justice. Kellie would be like an ant next to this.

The food is pretty good here, too (sorry, Germany, you’re awesome at German food, kinda weird at all other foods).  We had fresh vegetables in salad form for lunch (Germans tend to pickle them) and Tibetan food for dinner.  The Tibetan food was great.  You know who likes Tibetan food?  British people. The worst part?  We totally stink like Tibetan food right now.  Shower time.  On to Paris tomorrow. Check out this picture, it’s cool:

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  • Colleen

    You didn’t happen to bump into Andy or Frank Schleck did you? If you do tomorrow morning be sure to tell them great job this year in tour de France and I am rooting for Andy to go all the way next year! :) I want to do your vacation!