Happy Re-unification Day!

The only thing that makes us wish we lived in a hotel is a solid hotel breakfast.  The Hotel Cristall came correct with their spread.  Sweet breads, savory breads (including the wet looking black one with the nuts in it that Kellie likes), fruit, multiple cheeses (creamy and sliced), yogurt, cereals, two kinds of juice, and a pitcher of coffee on every table.  It’s the most important meal of the day.  But only when it’s free at a hotel.

And we needed the fuel.  We opted for  climbing the stairs to the top of the Dom.  There were 533.  Lots of people were climbing them.  The staircase was narrow.  You had to use the same one for going up and going down.  It was one of those really frightening things you’re glad you did when it’s over.  Those are sometimes the best things to do.  Plus, there were some nice views up there.  And big ol’ glachen (bells).  On the way down, a fat dude with a blank, sweaty face kept bumping into Kellie and not saying anything when she turned to look at him. If you’re having a heart attack or freaking out just say something in the language that you know.  Everyone will get the message.

October 3rd is a national holiday in Germany celebrating the re-unification.  Remember East Germany?  Weird!  Everyone was off from work today and there was a big flea market along the Rhine.  They had all the things you’d expect to find at a German flea market:  stuffed squirrels, track jackets, jean jackets, lederhosen shorts, modish lamps, fine china, pickles.  We didn’t buy any of that stuff but it was a lovely morning for a walk along the river.

We spent the afternoon doing more walking.  At one point, Jon almost died of low blood sugar but it turns out he was only crabby.  He felt better after a falafel.  After that, we walked some more, stopping for a moment on the steps of the Cologne Synagogue to figure out in which direction to walk further.  Eventually, we ended up at Brauhaus Pfaffgen where they serve Cologne-style beer (Kolsch) in tiny little glasses and mark how many you’ve had on your coaster.  We had 6 and a hunk of cheese.

For dinner we wanted to try an Indonesian restaurant that we saw yesterday but it was closed.  Instead we had Spanish food with (we think) a Russian twist.  It was only as OK as it sounds.  Tomorrow we head for Luxembourg.  We have no idea what that will be like.  None at all.  Thanks for the awesome time, Germany.  We’ll miss you dearly!

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  • http://twitter.com/beccabernstein Becca Bernstein (@beccabernstein)

    Looks like so much fun. Love the stoic picture of you, Jon. You almost look German!

  • Colleen

    Dingleberrys, OMG that is awesome! I HAD to look it up. Das Dingleberrys ist ein Club, den Sie für Ihre privaten Events mieten können – eigentlich eine ganze Bar. I think that says it is a place for private events and they have a bar.

  • Colleen

    oh yea, and SO jealous! I LOVE Kolsch!