Where and how we pee


A good way to start the day is by having tea in the garden of the Paris Mosque. A gruff man drops glasses of sweet, mint tea on your table.  In the next room, there’s a pastry case.  They burn incense in the bathrooms. Tea, pastries, incense.  That’s all you really need.

After tea, we stumbled upon a narrow climbing alleyway filled with food stalls and ate more.  At one point, we walked along Paris’ oldest street.  It was laid out by the Romans in AD 4 or something ridiculous like that.  Eventually, we ended up at the Pantheon and the Sorbonne before getting stuck in the rain at the Jardin du Luxembourg before Jon was able to realize his dream of strolling through an orange orchard (orangerie).

The rain came off and on throughout the afternoon sometimes stopping long enough for the sun to brilliantly light an obelisk before starting again and chasing us into a mustard shop or chocolate shop or public toilet.  Have we talked about the free self-cleaning public toilets on every corner in Paris? That’s where we’ve spent the majority of this trip. So handy!

Eventually, we settled into a nice café and waited for Hyndi and Bobbi to get back from Versailles.  Kellie had red wine.  Jon had two scoops of pre-dinner ice cream and didn’t even ruin his appetite for an entire boat of sushi.  That’s how we roll!!!

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  • Colleen

    I LOVE those toilets! They have those in San Francisco too. Guessing you saw them there as well? Ice cream before dinner… too funny!