In just over a week we depart for Nicaragua.  What a random dream.  Some of our favorite people in the whole entire world are joining us!  My sister Hyndi, one of my best friends ever, Kelly Craig, and one of Jon’s best friends, Dave.  Dave is also one of my besties as is Kelly Craig to Jon Goff.  Amazing wonderland.  I can hardly believe it.

We are flying into Managua on 4/5.  Where we will be picked up at the airport by a gentleman who will have a sign with our name on it (like in the movies!).  His name is Carlos.  Seriously!  Carlos will drive us to our house in Granada which we will have for 8 nights.

Here is the house:

After a couple of days in Granada we will head to a double volcano island, Ometepe, for two nights.  It is a wild, wild place.  

We are staying here in Ometepe:  Between the five of us we are renting three cabins, which is the entire place. They suggest flashlights because there are no lights at night. The finca is all solar powered and there is a small farm.  We can get around the island on “chicken buses” or ride horses.  We will hike and swim and I am not really sure what else.

After two nights in Ometepe we return to Granada and will continue our leisurely life.  Maybe go on a zip line, climb a volcano, taste some rum, swim, go to the local yoga studio, cook food, drink and enjoy our time together.Our last night will be spent in Managua before we depart for home on 4/14. Managua is a bustling city which will ease our transition back to reality.  This vacation is so unlike the typical, very urban vacations that we take.  I am very much looking forward to this new adventure and, especially, to share it with so many people that we love.

We will update this blog along the way, so stay tuned!

xo, the Goffbergs.

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