On returning and relaxing

Alas, there will always be double volcano islands, but we will not always be there to see them. After breakfast with Christiano and packing up and scooping rice husks on our business, we met up with Elly and his old Toyota van for a final trip to the Water Eye on the way to the ferry back to the mainland.  Even though both Kellys/ies got stung on the fingertips by bees on the roof of the ferry, the views were still magical.

It was Hyndi’s last night in town so here’s a sweet picture of her and Dave at O’Shea’s, the ex-pat bar where we played a charity pub quiz to keep street children from sniffing glue (not kidding) but left after two rounds because it was too slow and disorganized:

And in this one Hyndi and Jon are attempting to make up after Jon snapped at her for having too much “up energy” when he’s trying to “just chill.”  The less said about that the better.

Adios, Hyndi!  We LOVED having you.  Today we are relaxing in advance of our trip to Managua tomorrow morning. We’ve been reading about a market that may or may not sell both live hand grenades and tiger cubs. Not a joke. Will we have the balls/naivete to actually go?  Tune in tomorrow.

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    This looks like so much fun. Wish I was with y’all!

    • http://goffbergs.wordpress.com goffbergs

      It’s been unreal. Thanks Bernie!