The other one about the two volcano island

What does one do on a two volcano island for entertainment, you ask?  Well, for starters, you can take a picture of your composting toilet:

A composting toilet is a bucket of rice husks that you do your business in then cover with another scoop of rice husks depending on the nature of your business.  You could take a picture of yourself with the sheep:

You could eat breakfast surrounded by all your friends and beautiful plants:

If you’re Kellie Goldberg or Hyndi, you could rent bikes and ride back to the Water Eye because it’s, literally, one thousand degrees out, and swing some more:

If you’re Kelly Craig, you could rent a bike, ride the bike up a hill, down a hill, almost crash into a bus, have the bus driver call the dude you rented the bike from, have the bike rental dude ride out to find you and ask if you’re OK, give the bike back to him, then go on a hike and look at 2,000 year old petroglyphs:

If you’re Jon and Dave, you could go on a three-hour kayaking trip up a river and look at birds, bats, iguanas, wasp nests, water cows, small horses, and one single, solitary howler monkey.  Not pictured.  Also, if you were Jon and Dave you would be very sunburned and your shoulders would hurt.  After all that, you could play poker on the porch of your lodge and get stung by a wasp (Kellie G.):

You could watch the sunset over the science fair volcano:

For dinner, you could walk WAY out in the woods and have some SERIOUS hippies make you pizza in giant, outdoor wood fired oven while you look at some honey and bracelets they made that are for sale on a wrecked school bus and German people are smoking everywhere. Also, not pictured because you wouldn’t believe it.  Some of us went back to Little Morgan’s and saw Cake and Dragon again. Others did not.  Not naming any names.  You know who you are.

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