One Free Shot

Tonight at dinner we ordered and ate so much food that the owners of the restaurant gave us a piece of paper on which they wrote “ONE FREE SHOT” and sent us to a bar down the street.  Some of us took the shot then went and bought something called “Space Trips” and haven’t come home yet.  The rest of us bought a bag of candy then went home to watch Hoarders on Portuguese cable and write this post.  Lisbon continues to be great.  There’s a lot of young stuff partying in our street tonight.

Speaking of our street, we’re renting a giant apartment in the Barrio Alto neighborhood. It’s bigger than our house. Cleaner, too.  And there are two bathrooms. Renting an apartment is the way to go if you’re gonna be somewhere for more than a couple days.

Lest you fear that we did nothing today but overeat and buy Space Trips, we took the train forty minutes outside of the city to Sintra, a town up in the mountains where the Portuguese royal family built their fancy palaces.  See this palace right here?  Those two stick up things are the chimneys in the kitchen.

This was seriously the biggest, most bad ass kitchen any of us had ever seen.

Then there was this other palace that was yellow AND pink AND blue.  Crazy town.

Everyone up there wanted to take a picture of Jon.

We just wanted to take pictures of this dude.

The only thing about the two palaces was that one was at the bottom of a mountain and the other was at the top. As far as we could tell, we were the only people who walked from one to the other.  It was a “vigorous” walk to say the least.  Really, really vigorous.  We earned this plate of barnacles we ate tonight. Barnacles.

Only one day left.  Oh, man.

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