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You Want More Porto? You Got It.

Pensao Cristal, your rooms may be small but that doesn’t mean they have to be quiet.  No, sir.  Keep living out loud.  Last night, the world music jam in the downstairs bar lasted until 4:00AM, maybe 4:30AM.  Robbed of precious sleep and the chemicals it replenishes in our brains (melatonin? dopamine?) we set off in the morning for a new more

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Porto, Days Ung e Doeesh

Upon landing in Lisbon after a just under 6 hour flight (Portugal, you are so strangely close), we hopped on a train bound for Porto, 3 hours to the north. In a travel daze, we dropped our bags in our tiny rooms and immediately hit the streets to take funny pictures of the Rolex store and two pigs rocking it more

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I am very excited to have a need to bust out the ole blog.  On Tuesday Jon, Dave and I will venture to Portugal for about 10 days.  We will fly into Lisbon, take the train up to Porto where we will rent a car to road trip back down to Lisbon with a few stops along the way.  We more

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