The Next Thing

In just about two weeks Jon, Kelly, Dave and I are venturing to Spain and Morocco.

I am so very excited and just wanted to share our itinerary, so here goes:

We fly direct from Philly to Madrid, then take a short flight to Marrakech.  We will stay there for a few days and then take an overnight sleeper train to Tangier.  From Tangier we will take a ferry to Spain where we will rent a car (I just upgraded to a Beamer, from a Kia, for an extra 5EU per day, totally worth it.  We will drive to Granada, where we will see a Granada FC soccer game, and then we will drive to Madrid.  We have an apartment rented in Madrid for the last four nights.  Pretty exciting!  I am really looking forward to travelling with this crew again.  This will be our first time in Morocco and in the continent of Africa; I have never been to Spain either.

As of today I am most looking forward to the excitement and mystery that is Morocco.  Everything that I read about Morocco sounds so full of life and noise and sound and color and beauty.  Parts of Marrakech are barely mapped in our travel books.  Much of the advice that I have been reading is just to walk and wander and see what you find – this is exactly how I love to travel.  To drink it all in (literally and figuratively) while wandering, eating, looking, and interacting.  I am very much looking forward to exploring another new world that is so very different from my own.

We leave April 14th.


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