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A Summing Up

Our final days in Madrid were spent wisely.  Butchering the Spanish language.  Sometimes receiving warm smiles in return.  Sometimes receiving gruff service from busy women in coffee shops. Wandering the neighborhoods.  Sitting in the Buen Retiro (hard chill out park).

Fulfilling every creepy high school boy and girl’s (both of us included) bedroom wall poster dream by seeing Bosch’s The Garden more

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On Spanish time

Driving from Granada to Madrid, you go straight through the Sierra Nevada mountains and, in some cases, you go straight through them.

It’s pretty stunning scenery.  And Madrid itself is pretty stunning. Less is said about it than Barcelona but it definitely has the charm of the big European capital.  Palacios.

Sunsets making the opera house go all oozy buttery.

But there are more

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When you set realistic expectations, it’s easy to exceed them.  It’s a good strategy for overall life happiness. Sometimes, though, high expectations are unavoidable.  In those cases, it’s for rare for an experience to live up to it’s own billing. The more friends and guide books and blog posts tell you that you HAVE to do something, the more the more

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Before and after crossing

Tangier has a crazy history as a melting pot/no man’s land/bohemian paradise/seedy port.  That history seems to be getting harder to find as developers build frantically trying to take advantage of its Atlantic on the one side, Mediterranean on the other-ness.

Never fear, it’s still a little seedy. And it’s still got a medina with an old crumbling Portuguese castle and more

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First off, here is picture of the unrelenting desert sun. 4th straight day over 100. You are really awesome Marrakech, but you are hot.

To keep cool we went to Yves Saint Laurent’s house.  He’s got sweet gardens full of cacti and palm trees and flowers and water.  We learned (among other things) that British people call “turtles” “terrapins.”

In the afternoon, more

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