When you set realistic expectations, it’s easy to exceed them.  It’s a good strategy for overall life happiness. Sometimes, though, high expectations are unavoidable.  In those cases, it’s for rare for an experience to live up to it’s own billing. The more friends and guide books and blog posts tell you that you HAVE to do something, the more the germ of expectations multiplies along with the nagging worry that you might, in fact, be disappointed. But then you go the Alhambra and it really does look like this.


And the view looks like this.


And the inside is like this.


And this.


When high expectations are exceeded to such a level, it really is a rare thing.  And truly moving.  And that feeling sticks with you as you walk the winding, whitewashed streets of the old Muslim town.


And it’s still with you when you sit on the street, watching the people and their kids and dogs come and go. Watching the joggers crash into waitresses. Watching the moon rise while the sun is still setting. Eating the open faced sandwiches they bring you for free.


The hope is that the feeling will stick with you.  That the point of all this traveling around is not to be amazed once, for a few hours, but to stay amazed forever.  For helping us remember that, we will always be grateful to you, Granada.

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