First off, here is picture of the unrelenting desert sun. 4th straight day over 100. You are really awesome Marrakech, but you are hot.


To keep cool we went to Yves Saint Laurent’s house.  He’s got sweet gardens full of cacti and palm trees and flowers and water.  We learned (among other things) that British people call “turtles” “terrapins.”


In the afternoon, we went to see some Sultan’s tombs mainly because they were free and mausoleums are naturally temperature cool.


We tried to walk some more but we only made it as far as our favorite hotel watering hole.  The waiter was so glad to see us he threw rose petals in the air, which is really hard to capture on film.  We tried twice.  You can tell by his hand, though.  That’s a rose petal throwing motion for sure.


Later, at dinner, Kellie got all showy with her high pour.


After tea, it was time for our overnight train to Tangier.  We booked a four person sleeper car.  Look at this shit.


We brought wine and playing cards.  The people in the car next to us wanted to party with us.  And, by party with us, we mean come into our cabin with their shirts off and sit on Dave’s pillow.


We’re in Tangier now.  We rolled into our hotel at 7AM on levels of sleep ranging from slim to none.  We smell.  We chewed gum instead of brushing our teeth.  We’re wild-eyed. Should be fun.

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