Greetings from gate 111 at ICN

We got up early to head back to Seoul for our last day. It was rainy when we arrived but we kept our positive attitudes up for a fun day ahead. Seoul had treated us right and we were looking forward to spending a few more hours there, normally we do not have an opportunity to return to a place on our travels. We checked into our fancy “business” hotel. This was the first time we needed to show ID to check in. This is also the first hotel of the trip with an American style bathroom featuring a separate shower stall, not just a wet room. Also there were kimonos in the closet. So fancy!

We set out to get a final taste of some street foods. We had two kinds of pancakes (hotteok), one with vegetables and one with sugar, cinnamon and other spices.  Jon loved this pancake filled with cinnamon and sugar. That was a shocker.   20131110-113102.jpg
We headed to a another palace to watch the changing of the guards. The show was cancelled due to rain. We walked through the Seoul Book Festival and peeped some mimes. We were told mimes were  big here. We then walked around for a very long time looking for a tea shop that was known for having song birds flying around. Jon is a bird nerd so we were psyched about it but we couldn’t find it. (After this journey it seems very likely that the bird shop is, in fact, closed.  We settled for a different shop where we drank pine needle tea and ate weird, styrofoam-like cookies.


We walked around a couple of neighborhoods in the rain before we settled into an old favorite, the Blue Star Pub. This place is so great it may need its own post to do it justice. Below are to panorama shots back to back.


Kellie drank lots of “healthy” rice wine from a bowl served with a ladle. She ordered the small one this time so she had to re-up. We had a huge buckwheat and leek pancake, kimchi dumpling stew, and then the best thing ever: a plate of homemade, steamed tofu and a plate of kimchi. The best. So good.  We tried to capture most of it it into picture but, really, this place alone is worth a trip to Seoul.  blue star still life

We stopped at 7-11 for Pocky and an ice cream bar on the way home. At the business hotel we got to dress up in our kimonos and then tried to get a good night sleep for our journey home. Our flight departs at 1:15pm on Sunday in Seoul and arrives at 12 noon in Detroit. I do not pretend to really understand that time warp.KIMONOS

Though Kellie developed a heavy kimchi and rice wine habit on this trip, and Jon deepened his addiction to pancakes, we are looking forward to friends, pizza and beer in the good ole US of A. But first we have a day of traveling watching rom-coms and taking benzos.

With love, The Goffbergs

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