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Greetings from gate 111 at ICN

We got up early to head back to Seoul for our last day. It was rainy when we arrived but we kept our positive attitudes up for a fun day ahead. Seoul had treated us right and we were looking forward to spending a few more hours there, normally we do not have an opportunity to return to a place more

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The rustic charm of our accommodations needs further mention.  The guidebook said it had “local charm” but it’s better than that. Jon is totally ready to throw out our bed in lieu of sleeping on the floor.  Now all we need is a ramshackle courtyard filled with dusty gravel, tiny chairs, and shaggy dogs.

Let’s talk swastikas for a minute. They’re more

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Pronounced with a Kyong-ju

A couple more words about the Temple stay before we move on.  We really did have to pick up leaves.  It was the first thing they made us do.  Peep the name-tag.

Of the three meals we had, Kellie ate them all at the girls’ table by herself (there were at least 50 boys in the room at any time.) Double more

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Temple Life

Oddly enough, we never questioned why we were up at 4am this morning, hiking a mountain, Buddhist chants and a lone drum guiding the way. And we didn’t think about it yesterday when were raking leaves with a bunch of Korean high school kids who did not want to be raking leaves. We certainly didn’t think about it when we more

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Summer Love

Seoul is divided in half horizontally by the Han River.  We hadn’t been south of the river.  In fact, we hadn’t laid eyes on the river.  From our first eyes to yours.

South of the river lies Gangnam.  We went down there because of, you know, YouTube.  There are a lot of office buildings down there.  Malls.  We walked a lot. more

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