Summer Love

Seoul is divided in half horizontally by the Han River.  We hadn’t been south of the river.  In fact, we hadn’t laid eyes on the river.  From our first eyes to yours.


South of the river lies Gangnam.  We went down there because of, you know, YouTube.  There are a lot of office buildings down there.  Malls.  We walked a lot. There’s not much to report. So maybe don’t do things because of YouTube.  Or do.  Here’s a picture we made in the Samsung D’Light experiential store.  If that store is any indication the future of selfies is the same as the present, only more so.


The meat of the day consisted of two things we saved until the very end of our time in Seoul: hiking the mountain (Seoul is surrounded by mountains on 4 sides making it historically easy to protect/a modern bowl of smog) to the observation tower at sunset (romance heart heart heart) and a night stroll through the Seoul Lantern Festival.  First, the hike up the mountain.  Not too, too strenuous.  Lots of nice scenery lulls you to sleep before 1.2km of real steep stairs.


And here are the views. View 1: sun.


View 2: sun setting.


View 3: nightish.


The Lantern Festival hit hard, as well. There’s a stream they excavated and landscaped that bisects the city.  Every November they fill it with paper lanterns and everyone goes nuts (from what we could see.)  The lanterns mostly depicted the founding of Seoul and it’s early dynasty.  We couldn’t really follow the story but the lanterns were money.  Evidently ancient Seoul involved respectful humans …


totally zany monsters …


and fish.


Seoul, we are in summer love with you.  It’s deep and it’s real but we’ve got to leave.  Tomorrow, in fact.  But we’ll be back for another tryst on Saturday.  But only for a day.  And then we go home forever.  Will you write?  Will we?  If we do write, it would say: “We will never forget the days we had, Seoul. You were beautiful and kind to us.  Really, really kind.  And clean and efficient but casual, too. Perfect.  We loved us when we were with you.  So care free and happy.  There was nothing we couldn’t or wouldn’t do with you, Seoul.  I don’t know.  Maybe it could have lasted.  Or maybe it did last.  Maybe it’s still going.  When we were with you we knew there was nothing to be afraid of.  You’re only afraid because you haven’t before or you don’t really want to.  Isn’t that true?  I don’t know.  Don’t write.  It will hurt too much.”

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