Thank you!

A special thank you to the following folks:

Seoulistic was a great place to learn the basics about Seoul (and Korea) in general.  Jon even used the blog’s author, Keith Kim’s, podcast, Survival Phrases Korean, to learn enough words to keep us afloat. Thanks, Keith! 

To learn more about Gyeongju, we enlisted the help of Sherwin V. Jones.  If you are ever headed to that part of the world you would miss out of many great things and a lot of specific insight if you don’t use this valuable resource:

This beautiful site was designed by our buddy, Scott Sendra.  Check out his work and hire him. He does all sorts of web design stuff that I cannot pretend to fully understand.  Thanks, Scott! We really love the design and we are even more pleased that stopped f-ing up and is finally letting us use it.  We are trying to do the site justice by posting some actual content.  Working on it. Slowly.

Thanks so much for your help, guys!  You really added so much to this journey.


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