The Wrap



Maybe because I don’t drink anything stronger than coffee with milk and haven’t for a couple of years now, the idea that, this morning, I saw the view above from the window of the train to the Seoul airport and that tonight, right now, I am typing in a coffee shop in South Philly, is folding my brain at a delightfully crooked angle.  Like a shadowy high school acid trip, I know that many things have happened in the past few hours but I don’t how many hours there were and I’m definitely not sure which parts were real and which parts I imagined.

Some things I’m almost positive were real.  Namely, that Korea was beautiful both inside the city and far away from it.  It’s people treated us with great kindness and decency.  We always felt at home.  I like to think that some of that has to do with the realization that home is not a physical place, that your proximity to a certain address does not make you safer or happier or healthier or more loved.  Home is a warm, heavy spot right in your center.  We’re getting closer to our centers all time.  The ones within us and the one we share together.  Thanks for reading.

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