On some days there is a very fine balance between remaining present in Philadelphia, soaking it in, enjoying these moments, while anxiously awaiting our move to Botswana. Some days are easier than others. Some days are filled with family, friends, and so much love that it almost makes us question ourselves. Why are we leaving this seemingly perfect life? On other days we can’t imagine living in this same way, in this same pattern, without a major change on the horizon. Not that it is good or bad, we just know that making this decision at this time is just right for us, together. It is a satisfying feeling to have so carefully considered making a decision, and then being patient with it as it evolves before us. This decision, this change, this new life is ours to embrace and on some days I can’t breathe I am so excited to start it.

We received our flight information today. We will meet up with 80 other individuals taking this same leap on August 6th in Philadelphia. We will then take an overnight bus to NYC before flying to Johannesburg, South Africa (15 hours, 15 min flight) then a quick 55 minute flight to the capital of Botswana, Gaborone. We will stay in Gabs for a couple of nights and then we will take a bus to Serowe our training village. There we will meet our host families with whom we will live for 10 weeks during our training.

It is slowly becoming real. In some ways so very quickly, in other ways so slowly but we are getting there.


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