Two weeks to go

Two weeks from tomorrow is when we meet up with our group of 80ish super excited Peace Corps Trainees in Philadelphia and make the trip to Botswana (yes, 80 at one time plus there are close to that many there!). The dream is being realized. We are tying lose ends, changing addresses, unlocking our phones, buying a few more different kinds of chargers, debating if it is cost effective to mail beer (or cupcakes) to Botswana to arrive mid-training, and trying to convince our credit card companies to put a two year travel notice on all accounts (for “all of Africa”, and maybe some other places.) That part has been challenging.

It looks like we sold our home though we will close after we leave. It is so good to have good friends (thanks BOOSH!) to act on our behalf. The deal is not sealed but it has been a cause of stress so it feels good that it feels like it is taken care of. We have been seeing so much of our lovely friends and family, we feel very special and loved big time. Saying good bye is tougher than you’d think, especially when it lasts several months.

Lots of people have asked so I figures just I would clarify our agenda a bit. When we leave we will travel to Gaborone (the capital) for a few nights then to Serowe (Botswana’s 2nd largest village) where we will live with a family (but together) for 10 weeks of training.  Training is, apparently an all day affair, 7 days per week. We have lots to learn, that is for sure so we are looking forward to it. At the end of the 10 weeks, and only then, do we learn where we will live (anywhere in the country) and what specifically we will be doing (our current job descriptions are very vague). It will take a bit of patience but we are expecting that and looking forward to it. In the end, after training and for two years, we may live in an apartment with internet and running hot water or we may be in a small village, living in a hut with no water or electricity. The reality will likely lie somewhere in between.

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With love, the Goffbergs

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