Get to Know Kanye!

Guys, we are so excited for you to get to know Kanye! Our fondness for the village grows by the day, so we thought we’d use this Saturday afternoon thunderstorm to post some pictures we’ve been taking over the past few weeks. For now, we’ll post some general pictures so you can get a lay of the land. In the future, we hope to post more detailed posts focusing on specific aspects of the village and village life. First up, here is the gate to our house in the middle of the afternoon. A big, fat spotted cow was sitting in the dirt right next to it. Cows and goats are always sitting all over everything. Gross.


No mention of livestock is complete without talking about a chicken being followed around by a horde of little, baby chickies. It’s a daily occurrence. And if you walk between a momma and her babies she will try to peck you!


There is a variety of housing in Kanye, from elaborate, modern homes with immaculate yards to smaller, rental homes like ours to traditional round homes to very small one or two-room houses to abandoned structures. We’ve talked some about poverty, wealth, inequality, and development in Botswana. We could talk more but we don’t fully understand it yet. It is safe to say that people’s lives fall across the spectrum here. From fairly well off to devastatingly poor.



In addition to a variety of homes, there are a variety of fences and gates. Some made of cinderblocks like ours to traditional fences made of wood to a mix of sticks and bushes and barbed wire to one of our favorites: the bush/wire combo with car door gate.


Special shout-out to the Goff family. Here is Jon pictured with an old Toyota Cressida. They are still on the road.


From something you see to something you smell. Imagine a home-made alcoholic beverage the consistency and color of spit that smells and tastes like vomit. That’s chibuku! Look for the blue buildings or just smell the air, everyone is brewing it all around you.


Kanye has some of beautiful scenery (some of the most beautiful in the country we’ve been assured) from the daily site of weaver nests and the daytime moon.


To the rolling hills. Here Kellie is telling some boys to stop misbehaving at sunset.


We have lots of tarred roads but strolling the village paths is part of the fun.


In addition to the daily sites, there are gorges and streams and dams all around us that we’re just starting to find and explore.


And lest you think it’s all dusty paths and chickens and rocks here is a shot of one of our three stoplights. This one is across from the big mall along the main road. The mall has a grocery store and a pizza shop and a KFC and a liquor store and various¬† clothes and shoe stores. The bus station is right out front.


Just look for the big bucket in the sky.


More soon. We hope all is well. Stay warm. And happy Thanksgiving to everyone!



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  • Patrick Kelly

    Thank you for sharing your adventure. I am glad you two are having fun and soaking up the scene. As always I’m impressed and inspired.

  • Andrea Kenyon

    Thank you for the tour of your new home. I could really get a feel for the sights, sounds and smells of the village. Look forward to learning more as you explore. thanks for including me on your journey. Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!