One More from the Road

When last we spoke it was all this …


And this …


And it stayed that way for a few days. There were brief interruptions to eat passionfruit. So much passionfruit. And maybe wait in a hut for a fish to be cooked.


And then the fish would arrive.


In the evenings, it was like this.



And there was a lot of this.


Once in the morning, we took a ride over to Inhambane, the first Portuguese settlement in Mozambique, dating from the 1500s. There was an old church, of course.


And beautifully decrepit buildings and friendly school kids.


Want to see how we got there?


It only took 30 minutes so don’t worry too much. Eventually, though, we had to come back . Which meant a couple more prop planes. And some unexpected changes in our itinerary. And some extra stops. And some waiting at airports. But the waiting was not like the airport waiting we’re used to. In Inhambane, they let you sit in an outdoor café next to the runway and sip beer and coffee while you wait for the plane to land. It’s all very civil. Some cool South African firefighting helicopters landed, too. One was red. The other was yellow. Everyone was very impressed. The long journey ended as you might expect. In rush hour traffic in Johannesburg.


We stayed over an extra day in Melville to rest and shop. Jon got excited about coffee.


Kellie about craft beer.


We got to experience Jo’Burg’s issues with it’s power grid in a bar one evening.


And walking during the day, we got to see a lot of beautiful homes hidden behind walls and electrified fencing and razor wire.


It’s crazy to think that apartheid ended only 20 years ago. It will take awhile longer for people to make peace with sharing space and power and lives. After the fight for civil rights in America and white flight and race riots, it took a long time for our cities to bounce back. In the case of Philadelphia, it’s only bouncing back now, 40 years later. Jo’Burg has a ways to go but there’s time. And time heals.

Today, Sunday, we’re back safely in Kanye. Running and shopping and cooking and checking on the garden. It’s cool and rainy and it looks like it will stay that way for awhile. The worst of summer is behind us. Bring on the winter. We’ll post soon about life this side. Many exciting things are in the works. Things at the homestead. Things at work. Peace Corps things. Rumors of visitors from America! In the meantime, we’ll stay classy if you will.


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