It Couldn’t Have Been Better

How lucky are we? This coming Saturday, August 8th, we celebrate one year of living in Botswana. That’s amazing. In that time, we’ve had friends come to visit TWICE. To us, that’s far more amazing. Our hearts are still overflowing from our most recent visit. We are exhausted and overjoyed and sick and sad all at the same time. Thank you can’t even begin to express the joy and gratitude we feel towards Amanda, Bootsy, and Lindsey for making the trip. You guys are better than the best. And you also look like weirdos sitting in the back of Landcruiser.


So what did we do? Where did we go? For starters, we drove up the eastern border of Botswana to Kasane on the edge of Chobe National Park. We stayed at an amazing camp ( where we grilled pizzas and watched elephants at the watering hole all night like they were our own private personal elephants. During the days, we lounged around and stared at baboons and hornbills from our front porch. It made us feel like we were just about to jump up and down.


We even got to spend an afternoon on the Chobe River, staring at elephants and hippos and buffalo and crocodiles while the sun set.

Here’s an adorable picture from the boat.


We eventually took the ferry over to Zambia to see Victoria Falls. We opted for the ferry because there is no bridge, only a boat that takes one truck over at a time. Here you can see our reflections in the one tanker truck that was lucky enough to cross with us.


Our first afternoon in Zambia had nothing to do with the Falls and everything to do with seeking out the Maramba Market. If you’re ever in Livingstone, make some time. In addition to tons of dried fish, there is an amazing fabric shop.


And some real deal Zambian bars with front porches full of friendly folks.


The next day we saw the Falls and they sort of spoke for the themselves.


They’re a natural wonder of the world for a reason.


On our way back to Kanye we were lucky enough to stop over in Tuli Block, which is located at the far, far eastern stick out point of central Botswana. We went for broke and booked ourselves into a full-on luxury safari spot with twice daily game drives and brunch and tea and hot water bottles in your bed at night. Its as fancy as it looks:, right down to the shower attached to the tree. Jon took 5 showers!


And it didnt disappoint in terms of wildlife, either. Here’s a hyena being all sneaky with a big chunk of impala. Lindsey, do you know any facts about hyenas?


Cheetahs all rubbing up on each other


Super clean two week old baby elephants.


This thing called a kudu.


A lioness!


Of course, there were plenty of 80 degree inclines into dry riverbeds.


And sipping tea while staring at land.


Some of us even saw birds and trees and rocks. Others of us only had eyes for the big prizes. Not naming any names. Here’s a giraffe crossing the street in front of our car for good measure.


We ended our trip with some time back in Kanye. Cooking over the fire, enjoying local brew, and sharing life in Botswana with people we love.

We really hope more of you will make it over. As they say in Botswana, you are welcome.


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