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Thing #14


Before we left Philadelphia we started having “picnics in the park” – they were all day, lazy, drunken, bocce, friend filled potlucks. It was one of my favotie things to do. There is not a lot to “do” or places to go in Kanye.  There are no parks or coffee shops and very few restaurants.  If you want to find more

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Thing #13


Morning yoga. Kellie and I started doing yoga in the mornings (and a lot of evenings, too) in 2012 at Amrita in Fishtown. It was our home away from home for 2 and half years. At times, we were there so much we felt slightly conspicuous and a little ashamed of ourselves. But what can we say, we were in love.

Once more

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Thing #12

This is an easy one – sunrises and sunsets.

Obviously, sunrises and sunsets are something that we love abut living here.  Are they more beautiful than at home?  Absolutely.  The colors are vibrant and ever changing.  They shock us each and every time that we see them. hey remind us about how precious it is to be here, to share this, more

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Thing #11

The food that we make.

We have become quite the little chefs here,  we eat very well.  At home, in the US, we never ever cooked.  Our friend from the states recently made fun of us by saying that we were the ones who would pick up stuff from Whole Foods on the way to a pot luck/party.  Here, we cook more

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Thing #10

Pop ins.

We will write another post about our Peace Corps friends, but one thing that is great about Botswana and, in particular our village, is that we get pop ins.  We live in a bigger village (Kanye is 63 square kms and has 52k people).  We have lots of transportation in and out and we have 6 grocery stores, plus more

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