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Before we left Philadelphia we started having “picnics in the park” – they were all day, lazy, drunken, bocce, friend filled potlucks. It was one of my favotie things to do. There is not a lot to “do” or places to go in Kanye.  There are no parks or coffee shops and very few restaurants.  If you want to find a spot to hang out you just have to find your spot and hang there, and hope people who see you don’t find that too weird (or too interesting). One thing that we love to do is to have picnics.  Often it is just Jon and I but we have a few special places that we like to show off to visitors and here are a few of them.

Kanye is very scenic, as you know (Africa’s Tuscany), with rolling hills so we found a spot “upstairs” where we can sit, have a snack, watch the sunset and the stars.  Here is a glamorous shot of Jon and Damian on the high up picnic rock (can you feel the love?).



Not too far from our house we have a gorge.  When I asked my students what there is to do in Kanye, they all said “go to the gorge and take pictures.”  A gorge sounds misleading, like there might be water there.  At some times of the year there is some water but usually it is totally dry. The gorge is a favorite hiking spot but also a great picnic spot.  Jon recently packed a very healthy dinner of Pringles, french onion dip, and Trader Joe’s cookie butter (thanks Bill and Barb!).  It was delicious but not nutritious and the scene was as beautiful as the food was tasty!



Jon posted a blog earlier this week about some wild cacti that we have here all over Kanye (and Botswana). We were out taking pictures of the cacti when we stumbled upon the perfect picnic spot: a structure created from tall cacti, a whole “room” made from cacti “walls.” It is really hard to explain and the pictures don’t do it justice.  Just imagine you are sitting in the dark in a room with 30 foot high cactus walls cactus walls, eating hummus and guacamole on Woolworth Foods tortilla chips.  There was also cookie butter (did I mention that Barb Goff is the care package queen?). It was a little slice of weird heaven.  I bet you’d like it.


Luke and Anna in the cactus picnic room. Luke and Anna were recently named “Most Featured” on the



Jon in the cactus picnic room for perspective.

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