Thing #18


Everyone has a friend or two who teaches you how to be a better friend to others.  A perfect example of such an influence in my life was my randomly assigned freshman roomie, Becca Bernstein.  Becca taught me how to be a good friend to others by being a great friend to me, always.  Dawn is one of those kinds of friends.

Jon wrote a song about Dawn and the chorus goes a little something like this, “Dawn, you are really better than most.”  And he is right. She is better than most, she is an amazing person and we are so lucky to have her as our neighbor. The mere mentioning her name to anyone who knows her brings a smile to people’s faces.










Before we even arrived at site, Dawn knew our site would be close to hers (our villages are 10km apart) so she invited us for ice cream, to meet up and talk.  She brought us freshly baked biscotti in a mason jar tied with a festive ribbon as a welcome gift. Of course, she inquired if we had any allergies prior to gifting the delicious crumbly cookies.  The first day we sat and ate ice cream and talked for a couple of hours and then we were friends, it was that easy.  Dawn visits with us often as her busy schedule allows her to (while always adhering to PCV rules and guidelines, of course).  She has an open invitation to our home (we gave her a key in hopes of tempting her here more often).  She hosts us at her home regularly, as well.  We always feel better after seeing her, even when we felt just fine before. Dawn has open ears and an open heart, she is hilarious and brilliant and we can always count on her for anything, always. When we don’t see Dawn we talk to her via texting on most days.  She has a knack for knowing when it has been a tough day and she always remembers to check in.  Dawn listens and asks questions and genuinely cares about our life and our well being. All that we can hope for is that we have been as good to her as she has been to us.  We try.  She has shown us by example how to be a great PCV friend.  We try to learn from her because, “Dawn you are really better than most.”


Dawn is a Bots 14 PCV, she arrived at her site one year before us and therefore will depart one year before we are scheduled to close our service.  She’s scheduled to leave in 46 days, but who is counting?


We are.

Dawn has been a very important part of our service and our time in Kanye. Dawn is one of the things that makes us love our time here in Bots very much.

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