Thing #19

Our home. 



(You might be able to load a small video tour here: IMG_6250 )

We have never been homebodies.  In Philly we were out and about all of the time and didn’t really like being home very much, it just wasn’t comfy. Here we are home a lot and it really is the center of most of our service.  Home is where we cook, garden, play with the kids, listen to podcasts, do yoga, make pancakes and talk with friends for hours.  Mostly because there aren’t many other places to go, but partially because we have made our home into a place where we want to be.  We were lucky to have inherited a cute little home from a previous PCV (thanks, Terry Lundy!).  Terry also left us many household goods so when we arrived we were off to a great start.  We have made some improvements and decorated a bit.  Mostly our friends and family have sent us/brought us stuff to make it even more comfortable and welcoming.  Home is a bit of comfort for us when we miss “home”, the walls are plastered with photos and our shelves well stocked with Trader Joe’s snacks make it all the more comforting.



Living room/dining room.

We have electricity, (hot) running water and even wifi.  The electricity and water go out from time to time but we have a back up supply- we’ve got it good! Our home has a big yard that is shared with our neighbors so there is always someone around, giving us a sense of security, community and family.  We have lots of windows to let in all of the sunshine and screens to keep out the critters. It is PC policy to have burglar bars on all windows, so that helps a bit with feeling secure as well. We have a living room/dining room, kitchen (with refrigerator/freezer and gas oven/stove), a bathroom (with a bath, no shower but hot water), an extra bedroom (yoga studio), and a spacious master bedroom (with two closets!). Our home is really comfy for us and we love it quite a bit! Take a look.






Bathroom/laundry room


Make shift book shelf.



Our bedroom (every day is laundry day).




Extra bedroom/yoga studio.

Our home is a respite and helps to recharge us with pictures and connections to loved ones back in the states. It is surely something that we love about our little world here in Bots.

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