Thing #3

Birds. I’ve seen lions and cheetahs and elephants, but you know what makes me the most excited? Seeing a new bird on the way to work. We’re up to something like 130 species. Going for 200. Honestly, birds are the best way to connect with the nature around you. They are the some of the only wild things left living among us. And they can fly. They can cross continents. They can cross oceans. And when they get where they’re going they make a home. They’re also super hard to take pictures of! Especially by people who use iPhones as cameras! Here’s a lilac-breasted roller, the former national bird of Botswana.


And a Southern Red-billed Hornbill.


And an African Darter.


And Glen, our neighborhood Crested Barbet.


And my all-time fave, the European Bee-eater.


I know, the picture is from my bird book. Once, though, I saw 7 on a telephone wire near my house. I walked around with binoculars for two days after that. And I wish I could show you a Pied Kingfisher. I saw one smash a frog to death on a rock. Birds rule! Start watching them!

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  • kristingraettinger

    I saw a Juvenile Bald eagle on my canoe trip this weekend and heard a ton more calling to each other from the trees. The eagle I saw flew across the water to a giant nest that was directly across from our campsite. It was huge and awesome.

    • Jon & Kellie

      You, too can be a bird nerd.