Thing #21


My counterpart at the S&CD Office, Kefilwe. Each and every Peace Corps Volunteer is assigned to a worksite within their village and given a specific person with whom they are supposed to collaborate as a colleague. That person is known as your counterpart. Some of these relationships are star-crossed from the start. Maybe the counterpart isn’t motivated or interested. Maybe the volunteer isn’t motivated or interested. Maybe there’s friction over work style or work pace or even the type of work the volunteer wants to do and where they want to do it. None of that was a problem for me. Ever. Since day one, Kefilwe and I have had a wonderful working relationship and a great understanding of each other’s work style as well as the goals of Peace Corps and the S&CD (Social and Community Development) Office. She’s had me involved in projects from the very beginning and now I feel like an integral part of the S&CD team. There’s plenty that I can do to help her do her job better (reports, spreadsheets, processing payments, interviewing beneficiaries door-to-door) and, in return, she allows me time out of the office to teach classes, run after school clubs, and enjoy Botswana. This is exactly the way Peace Corps is supposed to work. Plus, she’s hilarious! And caring! And a deep thinker! I couldn’t be more grateful.

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