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There is something going on here that is hard to explain.

Just a little update about what is going on with us in Botswana.

Jon has some medical concerns for the last several months. Peace Corps Botswana eventually ran out of ideas and so they sent us to our regional medical center, which is in Pretoria, SA.  Jon had a battery of tests and then surgery on his sinuses and then we more

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Thing #21

My counterpart at the S&CD Office, Kefilwe. Each and every Peace Corps Volunteer is assigned to a worksite within their village and given a specific person with whom they are supposed to collaborate as a colleague. That person is known as your counterpart. Some of these relationships are star-crossed from the start. Maybe the counterpart isn’t motivated or interested. Maybe the volunteer more

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Thing # 20

“Wild” Animals.

We have mentioned the birds, monkeys and livestock but something that was really surprising to me, that I didn’t realize until I lived here for close to a year, is the actual abundance of “wild” animals.  I also didn’t realize that I would think they are cool or interesting.  I never dreamed of going on safari. Africa from afar more

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Thing #19

Our home. 


(You might be able to load a small video tour here: IMG_6250 )

We have never been homebodies.  In Philly we were out and about all of the time and didn’t really like being home very much, it just wasn’t comfy. Here we are home a lot and it really is the center of most of our service.  Home is where we more

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Thing #18



Everyone has a friend or two who teaches you how to be a better friend to others.  A perfect example of such an influence in my life was my randomly assigned freshman roomie, Becca Bernstein.  Becca taught me how to be a good friend to others by being a great friend to me, always.  Dawn is one of those kinds more

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