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Evidently, Monday was some sort of holiday because the streets were pretty quiet.  Today, however many millions of people there are (10 or so), they were back.  In full force.  Walking the streets, riding motorbikes, talking on cell phones, working, going to school.  Welcome back, it wasn’t the same without you guys. For starters, we headed over to a swanky more

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A little rain, a lot of shine

Day Three: Sometime after 10:30 we awoke to find that we’d missed the hotel breakfast (we love a free hotel breakfast), Kellie’s eye was all fat and swollen, and Jon couldn’t find his ATM card.  No matter, the eye healed quickly (probably dust and allergies), the card got cancelled without any fraudulent charges, and Buenos Aires is chock full of more

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“Are you feeling better today, sir?”

That’s what the guy at hotel reception asked Jon tonight.  He made the wobbling face after he said it.  We all laughed.  Then Jon finished borrowing a corkscrew.

Whew.  Day Two in the books.  Buenos Aires really brought it today, people.  Every Sunday in the neighborhood of San Telmo (which also happens to be the neighborhood of our hotel), there is more

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Dia Numero Uno

What’s that you say?  You’re not supposed to wear and sleep in the same clothes for 48 straight hours?  What if you’re “too excited” to change your clothes?  That’s a valid reason, right? One of us said it.  And did it. You can guess who.  Here’s a hint: the answer is not Jon.

It’s been a whirlwind so far!  Down to more

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