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Guest House Sa Rang Chae

Our visit to Gyeongju was pretty much perfect but it may not have been without the Sa Rang Chae guesthouse.  It was recommended by all of the travel books and blogs that we read but none of the descriptions really do it justice.

First, to book a room (you must do so in advance) you are required to fill ..read more

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Ddeokboki (chewy, baby rice dicks)

My favorite person and my favorite building (Kellie’s, not Jon’s)

Helpful indicator.

Super healthy rice wine (spiced with nettles and mugwort). Size small.

#yogaeverydamnday. Jon really did a full routine each morning while I showered.  Each time I emerged from the wet room, he was in a perfect shoulder-stand.

Sneaking suspicion this bar could be the best place in Korea.

Posing ..read more

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