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Thing #5


Evening strolls. Without a doubt, the twilight is the time to be outside in Botswana. It’s magic. You start down the path as the shadows get long.

And you keep going even as the sun slips behind the hills.

And when there’s barely any light left, still you keep on.

Because you will run into friends.

And you will find a neighbor by the fire.

And you ..read more

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Thing #3

Birds. I’ve seen lions and cheetahs and elephants, but you know what makes me the most excited? Seeing a new bird on the way to work. We’re up to something like 130 species. Going for 200. Honestly, birds are the best way to connect with the nature around you. They are the some of the only wild things left living among ..read more

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Happy Anniversary to Us!

One year ago today, August 8th, 2014, we touched down on African soil. We haven’t left since. That’s feels pretty momentous. The new Peace Corps trainees have arrived. We are no longer the greenhorns. We are the grizzled old vets. Hooray for us. But, also, hooray for Botswana. This place has been good to us. In honor of our our one ..read more

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It Couldn’t Have Been Better

How lucky are we? This coming Saturday, August 8th, we celebrate one year of living in Botswana. That’s amazing. In that time, we’ve had friends come to visit TWICE. To us, that’s far more amazing. Our hearts are still overflowing from our most recent visit. We are exhausted and overjoyed and sick and sad all at the same time. Thank ..read more

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Damian and the Validations

When you’re in the middle of a big change it’s hard to know whether it’s going as well as you hope or whether you’re just putting on a brave face. In life, there’s a lot of faking it until you make it. New jobs, new homes, new lives, they all require a period of grinning and bearing it. It’s difficult ..read more

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