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Thing #13


Morning yoga. Kellie and I started doing yoga in the mornings (and a lot of evenings, too) in 2012 at Amrita in Fishtown. It was our home away from home for 2 and half years. At times, we were there so much we felt slightly conspicuous and a little ashamed of ourselves. But what can we say, we were in love.

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Ddeokboki (chewy, baby rice dicks)

My favorite person and my favorite building (Kellie’s, not Jon’s)

Helpful indicator.

Super healthy rice wine (spiced with nettles and mugwort). Size small.

#yogaeverydamnday. Jon really did a full routine each morning while I showered.  Each time I emerged from the wet room, he was in a perfect shoulder-stand.

Sneaking suspicion this bar could be the best place in Korea.

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Temple Life

Oddly enough, we never questioned why we were up at 4am this morning, hiking a mountain, Buddhist chants and a lone drum guiding the way. And we didn’t think about it yesterday when were raking leaves with a bunch of Korean high school kids who did not want to be raking leaves. We certainly didn’t think about it when we ..read more

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